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Coconut Story

On a small Island, in the middle of the lone, sandy beach, far out in the bright blue ocean, stood a beautiful, lonely coconut tree. It looked magnificent with its huge trunk and its long leaves in different colours of the day.

This tree was special for many reasons and stood there all alone for many years.  Its leaves would sway in rhythm to the wind making the tree bend gently at the top, like it was reaching out to the sky. 

The coconut tree would look up to the sky and silently pray, “Oh Sweet Mother Nature please make me a family, I don’t  care much what the family looked like, but give me a family that I can love and be loved”.

The coconut tree was so lonely on the beautiful beach that the beauty of all the nature didn’t keep it happy as it was all alone and nobody to share, it needed some friends and family.

The evening sky that was painted with hues of red, with clouds clinging to the bright end of the day as the sun passed over the coconut tree.
But what was most special about this lovely tree was it’s magical seeds.  The seeds would create everlasting life in the human who consumed the seeds, but the tree did not know that this was special. 

The coconuts would glow every time someone touched the tree, and sometimes the sand and wind would create a misty hand that would caress the tree, and the coconuts would glow beautiful colors reflected in the ocean. 

Oh please sky—make me a family, so that I can glow and remain forever beautiful. 

One day the wind changed direction, and the sea spray blew strongly into the leaves of the coconut tree, and the smell was very different. What is that mysterious smell?
Almost out of nowhere a small boat came floating to the beach, surprisingly there was no one inside the boat.  The tree was so disappointed (as he sighed a big coconut tree sigh).

But floating above the boat was a very interesting object.  It looked so familiar—what was it?  No way—a golden coconut.  The tree gently bent over in the breeze and fumbled for the words—are you a coconut, where did you come from, where is your tree? 

The golden coconut let go one shiny tear, and kindly replied—I don’t know, I have never had a tree. 
The coconut tree replied—
You are most welcome to join with me and my lovely glowing coconuts. 

The golden coconut said nothing, and gently dug a warm and mossy hole for itself and cuddled in beside its new friend. 

The golden coconut had a small surprise, as a tender green stalk emerged from the coconut.  It grew and grew under the shade of the larger tree, protected by the soft sea winds and kissed by the blue water.  As it grew, its leaves would touch the larger tree, and bring to life the glowing coconuts.  As the coconuts glowed for many days, they would drop to the ground and grow more and more trees. These trees were magical, and had eternity and everlasting life to be together and to be a family.

The grand old coconut tree would raise its leaves to the sky every night and thank Mother Nature for the gift of a family.  


  1. Dear Avani what a delightful and sensitive story.i just loved it and read it through twice so far. I can see your smiling face reading the story like you read the poem remember? Your a wonderful writer. God bless.


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